Tina M. Honey

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Tina M. Honey, CMS, LGBC,CPC, is an information technology project manager by profession and the president and founder of Phoenix Experience Inc., a community outreach organization located in Delray Beach, Florida, which serves as a platform for Tina’s speaking engagements and workshops, where she leverages her life experiences and training as a certified professional life coach (CPC) to help others overcome various roadblocks and tragic events so that they may achieve their full potential.

In recognition for Tina’s professional achievements and community service contributions, the Ms./Mrs. Corporate America Organization named her Ms. Delray Beach, Florida, in 2012. Among these professional achievements, Tina holds a bachelor’s degree in airway computer science from Morris Brown College in Atlanta, Georgia, and a master’s degree in software management from the University of Detroit Mercy.

There is a dark and light side to life. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll be reborn after adversity.

— Tina M. Honey

Often described by friends as self-motivated, generous, and gregarious, Tina credits her desire to help others to her loving adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs. John and Louise Honey. They instilled within her the philanthropic and spiritual foundation that drives her today. Her book, Honey Make that Money . . . Don’t Let It Make You, is the first in a three-part series that Tina has written as part of the Phoenix Experience ™. In it, she openly recounts the intimate details of her life, the adversity she has faced, and how she courageously charted a new course. Tina looks forward to the many conversations and healing that this series sparks.