So as we move forward I will continue to do a blog post every 2 weeks or so, I plan to discuss many topics as I move forward after releasing the first part of my memoir Honey, Make That Money Don’t Let It Make You.

These past two weeks we have been “Talking about Sex”. We covered specific topics about how to talk to your child no matter what the age truthfully and honestly so that they can start to feel comfortable talking about sex with you. Yes children are taught sex education in school but that is not good enough. Children learn about sex from their friends, peers and even TV but in many of these cases it is not factual or even real. It is very important that children have someone to talk to them about sex with facts, and give them a sense of comfort talking about it. This comes from you “the parents”, you are your child’s first and last resource to learn about sex, and relationships.

I also provided many articles on the differences between European and American attitudes towards sex. Like the articles said it appears that American’s are far more uptight and extremely prudish when it comes to the topic. Therefore, prohibiting us to open up and have healthy conversations with our kids. In fact compared to Europeans although they are much more open and more sexual they have less teen pregnancies and STD’s than American’s experience. So it begs us to ask the question are we handling our “sex talks” appropriately whether from us the parents, the sex education they are receiving from school or what they are learning on the streets and from their peers. When we analyze the facts and statistics it shows us that we are doing a huge disservice to our kids and we must find a way to improve this, time to handle our kids better than our parents handled us when it came to talking and teaching us about sex.

After 2 weeks of articles and research it is abundantly clear that we must change our attitudes towards sex and help make it easier for us to open up for our children. This can be very awkward and difficult for many but as you go through some of the articles if you have not done so yet, there are many tips for parents on how to make the “sex talk” easier for all involved. As a society it is important that we teach our children to be comfortable and make the best choices for themselves regarding sex and sexuality. Take the time, work through the awkwardness and be the best place for your child to ask questions, feel comfortable and sort out what is the very best for them…we owe that to our kids, so they can be safe, informed and able to make decisions for themselves regarding sex.

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