First and foremost, have you ever had thoughts, feelings, opinions about a topic, but due to society pressuring you to think inside the box, you don’t dare voice a difference of opinion? Well I am THAT girl who LOVE to live OUTSIDE of the box and speak what’s on my mind especially when it’s not the favorable norm. What is normal anyway? Who came up with that?! Hello world! Let me introduce myself, my name is Tina M. Honey from Detroit MI.

Most people are too scared or ashamed to live on the edge and speak out when it may not be favorable. I take pride in living by my definition of the edge. I have learned over the years that family, friends have reached out to me for advice on numerous topics about life because they know I WILL NOT give them the inside of the box advice. I have had strangers reach out to me for advice. I am very opinionated and most certainly not politically correct. Throughout the course of my blogging, you will either love me or hate me. Either way I won’t care if you hate me because I walk to my own beat, that is what makes me uniquely Tina M. Honey. If you enjoy a person who sugar coat the truth or ease you into a topic, I am NOT that person. I like to bring you the hard, cold, raw in your face truth.

Secondly, over the course of my life, and Lord willing, it ain’t over yet, I have managed to find myself in many situations ,where I have faced adversity. At times, it seems like it won, but in the end, I overpowered it. I have many lessons learned from it and became thus having a Phoenix Experience which is also the name of my company. Phoenix Experience is an organization founded on the concept of the mythological bird.

The Phoenix is an enduring symbol of continuous re-birth. After living a rich and full life, the bird dies in a fire of its own making only to rise again from the ashes; healthy, strong, and ready for it’s new life. I believe everyone goes through this re-birth process several times in their lifetime. When facing adversity and other challenges in life, people have the chance to learn from their experience and look forward to recreating themselves into stronger and more confident individuals. They have undergone a Phoenix Experience.

Lastly, this is my pathway to announce my soon to be released book. The first of a 3-part series “Honey Make That Money, Don’t Let It Make You”. It’s a memoir about sex, money, and power. I’ll take you on a journey from the time I was born that was filled with sorrow transformed into inspiration. My story starts off with being stolen at three months old from my teenage parents, and placed into foster care by my maternal grandmother. Through my blogs I will discuss various topics that are cited in and outside of the book. My hope is that through my honest and open dialogue, sharing my life experiences will help me express to you that life will get better and achieve your own Phoenix Experience.

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