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Honey, Make That Money – Don’t Let it Make You is a true coming-of-age story about Tina M. Honey, raised in a middle-class neighborhood in Detroit, Michigan that became quietly infiltrated by the illegal drug industry. Her journey from the time she was born until she decided to become the woman she is today, is one of sorrow turned inspiration.

As the first of a 3-part series, Honey, Make That Money – Don’t Let it Make You takes readers on an incredible journey laced with in-your-face sensuality, violence and tragic misfortunes.  Through this book, Author Tina M. Honey tells it likes she knows it, and isn’t afraid to expose the awful truth.  She’s looking forward to the conversations and healing that is sparked through the series.

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Honey, Make That Money . . . Don’t Let It Make You

Listen as Tina shares her journey and the content of this book with viewers in her own words.

Book Reviews

Honey, Make That Money . . . Don’t Let It Make You is that type of book that grips so hard, it will make you dedicate a day in bed and hit the pause button on everything else just to discover how everything unfolds. The author has a way of drawing you into numerous stories of her personal heart pounding experiences that just make you want to read faster and faster. Dangerous, sexual, sensual, and adventurous is what you will feel through the author’s journey. The author paints a great perspective on survival through the roughest of Detroit as a young black woman growing up with adversity.

 —Raavita Gunpat

I understand who you are now . . . WOW! Very good start to your series. Now I need Book 2! HotATL! I believe people will look at you differently and say, ‘I can make it! No matter what, I can make it!’ Proud of you and wish you the BEST!

Author Trinette L. Collier

Honey, Make That Money . . . Don’t Let It Make You vividly depicts a triumphant urban experience with such brutal transparency that displays the author’s liberated concept of progress. In a word…INSPIRING!

Marquis James

What a raw and powerful story of one woman’s journey in this game called life. Honey, Make That Money is truly an eyeopener. Once you start this book, you can’t put it down! I can’t remember the last time that I was this entranced by a personal story. Since the author and I are lifelong friends and I have been an eyewitness to various events of her life story, I had a strong connection to the era and the events that the author writes about. She recreates the late 1960’s to 1980’s Metro Detroit area with such imagery that it takes me right back to the neighborhood. This is a great read that takes you through a roller coaster of emotions. As I reminisced about her life, I was both fascinated and heartbroken by the authors account of the initial love story that allowed her to come into existence and adversity and betrayal that soon followed and the story just takes off from there. The writer draws you into the story with accounts of her personal adventures mixed in with detailed analysis and a matter of fact style which was refreshing. Tina does a fantastic job of keeping you involved. At times, I felt as if I were standing smack dab in the middle of the action, seeing and feeling everything as it happens. I will be one that says I knew her when . . . I can also say she is the authentic person that the book portrays, honest and forthcoming, and I am anxiously anticipating the continuation of this three-part series. I hope she has great success reaching others with the sharing of her story. Thanks, Tina, for such a candid and enjoyable read.

Denise Walker

I’ve never been to Motor City, but Tina made me feel as if I had been there in the there with her.  I felt like a therapist at first, listening intently to a troubled youth.  Then I heard the maturity and the turning points in a life harder than mine.  I felt a plethora of emotions including sadness, anger and compassion.  Tina found a way to deal with things I can only imagine.  Not only does she make me see the things she sees, she makes me feel the things she feels through her unique way of storytelling.  I admire her fortitude and honesty.  For me, it was a difficult read because I hate to find out someone was so wronged and I cannot help.  But, Tina came out of it, obviously.  Awesome narrative.  I am glad I read it.

Marilyn Jardin

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Friends describe me as: self-motivated, generous, and gregarious. Born and raised in Detroit, MI, I’m an Information Technology Project Manager by profession; which doesn’t always make sense to people that meet me for the first time.  I have a serious case of ADD (self diagnosed) but I don’t do well with chaos!  I try to travel a lot to keep me busy, and out of trouble!

Most people who know me realize that I have a wild side that won’t quit.  I also have a history of adversity and tragedy that a lot of people would be shocked to know.  This story is one I want to share with anyone willing to hear and learn.  My goal is rather simple: to use my experiences and skills to help people through struggles and feelings of despair, and chart a plan for a bright future.

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The Phoenix Experience is an organization founded on the concept of the mythological bird. The Phoenix is an enduring symbol of continuous rebirth. After living a rich and full life, the bird dies in a fire of its own making only to rise again from the ashes, healthy, strong, and ready for its new life. Founder Tina M. Honey believes that everyone goes through this rebirth process several times in their lifetime. When facing adversity and other challenges in life, people have the chance to learn from the experience and look forward to recreating themselves into stronger and more confident individuals. They have undergone a Phoenix Experience™. Tina’s desire to help others succeed despite the obstacles that life presents is the motivation behind the creation of Phoenix Experience. She has gone through several challenges in life that allow her to relate to the struggles and adversities people face. As a result of all her trials, Tina voluntarily shares her story with friends, families, and anyone she believes may benefit from her story.